"The best spuds I've eaten in two years, (and I'm Irish)"

"The fact that they are grown here is awesome, but they are by far the tastiest spuds going...I especially look for your product."

Valley growers is a family run business that has been incorporated since 1981. The farm is located near Sudbury and ships throughout Ontario. With its northern climate, Valley Growers is well located to produce some of the best tasting potatoes around.

Farmer Fun Fact
In the 1800's Sam Rainville discovered that the rich sandy soil north of Sudbury in Blezard Valley produced the best potatoes that he had ever eaten. From his small farm he started growing and selling these exceptional potatoes. Five generations later the Rainville family tradition continues. The farm has grown over the years to satisfy the needs of Northern Ontario while always insisting on quality as the top priority.

             Hand written letter from Jane Walker                                          Hand written letter from Angelika Simons

Jane letter           Angelika letter

Hercs Storefront Herc's Greek Eatery has used Valley Growers potatoes for over 10 years.

Please find comments below which can be found on Herc's  website http://www.hercsgreekeatery.ca

• I love this restaurant!!! It's a little pricey but worth it. They give good size portions. Their potatoes are addictive and the homemade taziki is to die for!!! (KimN)

• Their souvlaki meals are great, you'll be hard pressed to finish the whole plate since they give you so much and the potatoes are to die for! (Adrienne)

• The food is always fresh and very good. The restaurant is extremely clean, which is very important to me.The gyros is terrific and there is nothing that compares with their potatoes!!!! Ask for a little extra greek dressing on the salad, and it will be a perfect meal.(Vicki)

A fast-food setting for Greek, but the food is nothing like your everyday fast food restaurant. The food here is amazing, and full of flavor. You can't go wrong with the chicken souvlaki on a pita with the lemon roasted potatoes...make sure you try those potatoes, they're to die for.(Hooked on Greek)